Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

Tinnitus is ringing or noises in the ear that are not caused by an external source. Tinnitus can occur in one or both ears and although most people have experienced tinnitus at some point in their lives, it is estimated that over 12 million American’s have debilitating tinnitus (American Tinnitus Association). Often people experiencing tinnitus are most aware of these noises when they are in quiet environments, when trying to fall asleep, or when trying to relax. This can lead to increased stress and negatively affect concentration, anxiety, and overall emotions.  

At the Yale Hearing and Balance Center, we offer a full range of testing and treatment services for those who suffer with tinnitus. Together, our audiologists and otologists collaborate as a team to determine the cause and characteristics of tinnitus. There are many treatment options for people suffering with tinnitus. Hearing aids are quite popular because they improve hearing of external or ambient sounds, which often cover up the disturbing tinnitus. Other options include tinnitus maskers, sound therapy, and counseling. If you or someone you know suffers with tinnitus, the Yale Hearing and Balance Center can help. Contact our department at (203) 785-2467 with any questions or to schedule an evaluation.


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